Friday, February 5, 2010

Learn VBA with VBA Tutorials

Hi everyone!

I'm a computer instructor who also does quite a bit of blogging, so I decided I would start a blog related to some of the things I do in my job. I have a problem posting to my blogs regularly, but maybe this will be away for me to keep posting new things as I learn them.

Starting in January 2010 I have been lecturing a university level course in programming in Visual Basic for Applications, or VBA. I've been programming VB and VBA now for 3 years, and will now focus only on VBA.

I'll use this blog to provide links, resources, samples, and tutorials for programming Microsoft Office in VBA.

Starting Monday, I've been working with the beta for Office 2010 and trying to keep up to date with the recent changes. On the outside, there are no major changes. The VBE is unchanged, but under the hood there are a few surprises. Here are a few good links I've found so far:


New VBA7 engine:


Changes to the Excel 2010 Object Model:

But just today I've noticed something. In Office 2007 you can get to the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) very quickly by pressing ALT-F11 (try it and see what happens!). This works in Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint... and I think Publisher.

Now, in Excel 2010 (Beta), Alt-F11 will open the VBE. It does not work in Word though! As I get around to it, I'll be trying out other things and posting my findings here.

In similar news, I've been asked to put together a computer science curriculuum that will be taught at a summer day camp for kids. I'm considering teaching programming concepts in VBA. Please let me know if you have ever done something similar or know someone who does.

All the best, and if there is something you want to see or learn, let me know!

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